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brooklynrage: -- colored (a wonky eye, [snsd] not a wink) (Default)
  • [snsd] not a wink,
  • a wonky eye
Comment: yoona neomu yeoppo~
Description: -- colored
brooklynrage: -- ayyur ([da] you don't know you're beautiful)
  • [da] you don't know you're beautiful
Comment: if only you saw what i could see; you'd understand why i want you so desperately
Description: -- ayyur
brooklynrage: -- oh_dimples ([bigbang] such a beautiful night)
  • [bigbang] such a beautiful night
Comment: sing it with me now; two thousand and eleven
Description: -- oh_dimples
brooklynrage: -- piconz ([lok] the avatar has arrived)
  • [lok] the avatar has arrived
Comment: she's gotta be strong and she's gotta be fast and she's gotta be fresh from the fight
Description: -- piconz
brooklynrage: -- mambo ([mspa] sugar pie honey bunch)
  • [mspa] sugar pie honey bunch
Comment: i can't help myself; i love you and no one else
Description: -- mambo
brooklynrage: -- sharp_pastels ([fma] i want to change the world)
  • [fma] i want to change the world
Description: -- sharp_pastels
brooklynrage: -- margottenenbaum ([da] life's a happy song)
  • [da] life's a happy song
Comment: when there's someone by your side to sing along!
Description: -- margottenenbaum
brooklynrage: -- rainbattle (fantastic baby, [mspa] wow)
  • [mspa] wow,
  • fantastic baby
Comment: i wanna dance, dance, dance, da-dance (fantastic baby)!
Description: -- rainbattle
brooklynrage: -- panic18 ([exo] farty face)
  • [exo] farty face
Comment: prince suho of the michelle dockery species
Description: -- panic18